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The Master and the Apprentice

String Trio in B-flat, D.471                                                                                    Franz Schubert 

Duo for violin and viola in G-major, K.423                                         Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Piano Quartet N1 in D-major, op. 23                                                                   Antonin Dvorak

September 14, Monday 7pm. Winchester, MA*

October 2, Friday 7pm. Brookline, MA

October 3, Saturday 7pm. Newton, MA

*Altered program. Click for details.

Open Sesame!

String Quartet in F-major, op.18 N1                                                                                           Ludwig van Beethoven

String Quartet N8 in C-minor, op.110                                                                                     Dmitri Shostakovich

November 2, Monday 7pm. Newton, MA

November 4, Wednesday 7pm. Winchester, MA

November 16, Monday 7:30pm. Lexington, MA

A Good Company

Duo for Viola and Cello With Two Eyeglasses Obligato, WoO. 32               Ludwig van Beethoven

String Trio                                                                                                                                                        Jean Françaix

String Quartet N2 Company                                                                                                            Philip Glass

String Quartet N22 in B-flat Major, K.589 Prussian                                                  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

January 21, Thursday. Two performances - 11:00am and 1:30pm.

Bach's Lunch concert series.

Indian Hill Music 36 King st, Littleton, MA. FREE

January 22, Friday 7:30pm. Wellesley, MA

February 8, Monday 7pm. Winchester, MA

The Great Schubert Cello Quintet

Cello Quintet in C-major, D. 956                                                                       Franz Schubert

April 17, Sunday 2pm. Lexington, MA             

April 19, Tuesday 7pm. Boston, MA               

April 23, Saturday 7pm. Newton, MA             

April 27, Wednesday 7pm. Winchester, MA

May 2, Monday 7:30pm. Brookline, MA         

May 9, Monday 7:30pm, Brookline, MA

May 15, Sunday 2pm. Boston, MA

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