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Hosting a Concert

Would you like to share an unforgettable musical journey with your friends and loved ones in the comfort of your living room? We specialize in collaborating with hosts just like you to bring world class chamber music performance and conversations directly into your home. Our concerts take us to living rooms all over Greater Boston, and beyond! Join our growing host community to hear about upcoming programs and hosting opportunities.




Hosting a Sheffield concert at your home is easier than you might think. If you’re not sure whether you’ll need to move that couch to fit in the quartet, fear not! We’ll guide you through every step of the process, including taking a look at your space prior to booking. Here’s our checklist of must-haves for a successful hosting experience:

  • A space large enough to fit the ensemble and at least 25 audience members. 

  • Friends who love music and engaging conversation. 

  • A friendly labradoodle who we can pet and play with as we wait for the concert to start. 

...ok, we made that last one up, although we do love to say hi to a friendly dog or cat!


Here’s some more information on what to expect:

  • Prior to booking the date one of us (usually Alex) will stop by to see your space, figure out the capacity, discuss logistics and answer any questions you might have.

  • Don't let the size or shape of your home stop you from reaching out—we can make even the most non-traditional space work. See how other homes have been set up...

  • We will provide any  chairs needed to supplement the seating you already have available.

  • A reception is optional but highly encouraged. Whether you feel like throwing a feast or keeping it simple with cheese and crackers, we leave it entirely up to you.

  • Concerts are run on a suggested donation model of $30—$50 per audience member. We also have an alternate model which allows you to cover our costs and offer the performance for free to your guests.

  • We will set up and provide you with the link to your own registration page, as well as a draft of the invitation email and other promotional materials to help you spread the word about the performance.

  • Don’t worry about the acoustics! We have yet to encounter a room we don’t like playing in 😊

  • If you have a good internet connection and guests who would love to attend virtually, we can set up a live streaming component for your performance.