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Program IV

Season Finale

April 17, Sunday 2pm. Lexington, MA             5 spots left

April 19, Tuesday 7pm. Boston, MA                4 spots left

April 23, Saturday 7pm. Newton, MA              FULL

April 27, Wednesday 7pm. Winchester, MA     FULL

May 2, Monday 7:30pm. Brookline, MA         FULL

May 9, Monday 7:30pm, Brookline, MA          20 spots left

May 15, Sunday 2pm. Boston, MA                 15 spots left

??? Mystery Piece ???


Cello Quintet in C-major, D. 956                                                                             Franz Schubert


Allegro ma non troppo


Scherzo. Presto - Trio. Andante sostenuto


Sasha Callahan and Katherine Winterstein, violins

Alexander Vavilov, viola

Leo Eguchi and Ying-Jun Wei, celli

Schubert has been looking for his own voice in chamber music composition for quite a long time. Yet when he finally found it, having learned a lot from Beethoven’s string quartet writing, something truly magical happened. The great master of song was now free to tell his stories solely through the voices of the instruments he was writing for. A violin, viola and cello now spoke to the listener in their own compelling tongue, painting vivid images with hundreds of shades of joy and sorrow. In his cello quintet this palette is only enriched by adding the second cello to a standard string quartet formation. The depth of color thus achieved surely served as inspiration for the unprecedented breadth and expanse of this massive piece. While there is surely an abundance of passionately dramatic and even tragic passages in this quintet it is also remarkable how sincerely cheerful and even celebratory his writing often gets. An upsurge in spirits that makes it difficult to believe that such music could have been written by a composer who faced such extraordinary difficulties in his life.

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