Sheffield Chamber Players bring grand music to small places

by Keith Powers | February 10, 2021

Chamber music encompasses vast possibilities — solo works, sonatas, trios, quartets and many other configurations. The repertory can range from Bach cello suites to “Pierrot Lunaire” or “Metamorphosen.”

But the original intent persists. Music to play in rooms.


Your rooms, or your neighbor’s rooms. Intimate spaces, for music lovers and their friends. And until the pandemic struck, those were the only places to hear the Sheffield Chamber Players...READ MORE

photo by Tatiana Daubek

The Sheffield Chamber Players Perform in Wellesley

by Rama K. Ramaswamy | February 9, 2016

Chamber music, since its introduction to society in the 18th century, by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven during the so-called Viennese Classic Era, continues to be as much an enriching social experience as it is a deep and meaningful musical extravaganza for fans. At the heart of it is instrumental music played by a small ensemble, with one player to a part, the most important form being the string quartet; it’s also increasingly more complex and challenging, making greater demands on the individual players while still requiring them to work as a cohesive, constantly inter-responsive unit. The Sheffield Chamber Players embody this art...READ MORE

photo by Rama K. Ramaswamy