Hosting Info

While the pandemic has made it impossible for us to play our concerts in your home, only a few feet from our audience, we are nevertheless committed to the values of our beloved model. We believe that now more than ever it is important to connect with each other in a meaningful and direct way. Our community of hosts has been crucial in enabling us to do so and for the upcoming 2020-2021 season we are transferring our hosting model online! 

There is certainly an abundance of online musical events and Zoom meetings these days. It is hard not to feel anonymous and disconnected when you join the multitudes of faceless and nameless spectators. What we are offering you is a chance to create a musical and social experience that is unique to you. By hosting our program, you not only create a musical event where none existed before, but you also establish a direct link between the musicians and the audience you invite. This is what has made a Sheffield concert such a powerful connecting experience for the past six years, and we believe it can continue to do so in this era of social distancing. 

If you have hosted us before, much of the process will feel very similar, except now there’s no need to tidy up your place and prepare a reception! In order to host our program, you will need to choose among our available dates and then spread the word to your friends. We will provide you with all the necessary materials, you’ll just need to forward them along with perhaps a few words from yourself. Concerts are offered for a suggested donation of $30-50 per viewer, or a season subscription is available for a one-time donation of $250.

Your date will be unique to you, no other hosts will share it (unless you’d like to co-host with a friend). During that performance we’ll be playing for you and your friends! In our remarks we’ll acknowledge you and your audience, and will thank you for hosting as we usually do. We might even crack a few inside jokes if we have known each other for a while!

While we won’t limit access to viewing the live stream performance, on the date you host us only your friends and a very limited number of people from our list will be invited to a post-concert Zoom conversation with musicians. Those invited will have the comfort of knowing that they are in a room full of familiar faces when they join the conversation—just like they did when setting foot in your living room before the pandemic! They’ll be able to reconnect with you and their friends over a mutual love for music and chat with us about the performance we just did, or anything else that comes to mind. 

We might not be able to set foot in your living room at this time, but on the other hand hosting us has never been easier! Through the unique musical experience we provide, you can bring together friends and family no matter how far they are. We hope you consider giving it a try!