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March 2021

2022—2023 Season

Fantastic Voyage
September & October 2022

Debussy | String Quartet in G minor
Quinn Mason | String Quartet No. 2
Stravinsky | Three pieces for String Quartet
S9P1 image.jpeg
Where there is darkness, light
October & November 2022
Barvinksy | Prayer
Beethoven | String Quartet No. 12
Shostakovich | String Quartet No. 11
S9P2 image.jpeg
A Holiday Toast
December 2022
More Soon
WordSong: The Second Coming
Winter 2023
Four new settings of a text by William Butler Yeats
Dancing on the Edges of Time
March 2023
Esmail | String Quartet (Ragamala)
Lysenko | Trio in A major
Mozart | String Quartet No. 23
P4 image.jpeg
"...a small, makeshift place"
Spring 2023
Bunch | World Premiere String Quartet
Bartók  | String Quartet No. 1
Schubert |
S9P3 image.jpeg
coming soon
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