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May & June 2023

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'...a small, makeshift place.'

Franz Schubert (1797—1828) | String Quartet No. 12 in C minor, D 703, "Quartettsatz"

I. Allegro assai

Béla Bartók (1881—1945) | String Quartet No. 1 in A Minor

I. Lento
II. Allegretto – Introduzione
III. Allegro vivace


Kenji Bunch (b. 1973) | String Quartet No. 5, "Songs for a Shared Space"

I. Spacious, meditative

II. Moderate

III. Tenderly

IV. Finale


Sasha Callahan, violin

Megumi Stohs Lewis, violin

Alexander Vavilov, viola

Leo Eguchi, cello​


This season finale, which features the much anticipated second installment of our 5 year commissioning project, examines our deep-seated need to find our voice. Franz Schubert’s unfinished Quartettsatz in C Minor was destined to be his 12th (of 15) string quartet. The previous 11 quartets were Hausmusik, light Haydn-esque works composed mainly for playing at home with his family of accomplished amateurs. This work is stunningly different, and indicative of the mature artist that we see in his later works - soulful melodies, dramatic textures, technical fireworks, and a rustling, yearning beauty.


Bela Bartok’s 1909 String Quartet #1 marks his wistful transition (an ‘affectionate withdrawal,’ as per one biographer) from the Romanticism of the 19th Century into his trademark modernism which helped to define the 20th century. Perhaps his first true masterpiece, this work employs the Hungarian folk influences that he worked so hard to preserve, and would become a grounding part of this signature style.

We are so proud to work with composer Kenji Bunch to bring a brand new piece into the world. His works are full of a good natured charm and sincerity that always transcend their depth and intricate complexities, and we are sure that his newly commissioned piece for string quartet will move and delight audiences. The new work will center on issues of ‘Home’ and ‘Belonging’, ideas that for obvious reasons, are at the heart of the SCP mission. If you have previously enjoyed his works (after Beethoven and Shostakovich, Kenji is the 3rd most represented composer on SCP programs past…), then you know this is a must see.

~ Leo Eguchi

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