Hosting Info

Welcome to the community of Hosts for the Sheffield Chamber Players. We think you will find it fun and rewarding. It is a lovely way to connect with friends and neighbors and give them a memorable and unique experience. Opening our homes to host these magical concerts is really quite easy with the support of SCP. This letter and the concise hosting info sheet below should help you get all the information you need.

Alex Vavilov starts out by assessing the space available for the concert. Typically, the capacity ranges from 25 to 60 guests, mostly friends of the host and usually a few SCP subscribers. Our homes and spaces are varied and lots of spaces can be made to work. Chairs that are needed beyond what hosts have, are provided by SCP. Most of hosts provide some range of refreshments from quite simple (tea and cookies for example) to something more elaborate if that suits your hosting style. A few of us even base our refreshments on some inspiration from the musical program! The important thing is to open your house to the concerts in a way that makes you feel comfortable.


We, as hosts, like to give a brief welcome to the guests, a reminder about the suggested donation for the concert,  and a request to consider further donations to SCP as a charitable organization. This can be done at the beginning of the concert or right after intermission. We also like to encourage the guests to consider whether they might like to host their own concert in the future.


Scheduling the concert date for the hosts is rather simple. There are numerous dates and days of the week to choose from. It is most important though to realize that once chosen the date is a firm commitment. The musicians schedules are dauntingly complex, and they cannot reschedule once they have committed. It would be a substantial loss of time and income for a scheduled house concert to be cancelled. Barring something very “dire”, as hosts, we become part of “the show must go on” ethos.


Many experienced hosts have happily contributed to the overall event donations in the case of a lower than expected turnout. We feel grateful to the stellar efforts on the parts of the musicians and, if feasible, want them to be appropriately compensated. SCP fully appreciates this but of course does not expect this of all hosts because situations vary.


One of the fun parts of hosting is the “after party”. It is not a party as such, but a time when musicians and guests can mingle after the concert. It is wonderful to hear our guests questions to the musicians and for the musicians to hear immediate feedback and appreciation about the concert. The appreciation the musicians have for the audience and vice versa is perhaps the most lovely and meaningful part of the whole concert. These are “locally sourced” concerts that bring a special joy that a commercial venue never could.

- SCP Host Council

Hosting info sheet


  • Concerts are in a format of a chamber music performance with verbal introduction to each piece. Total timing of the event, including intermission, is between 1:45 to 2 hours.


  • Date/time depends on the availability of the host and the group, as well as the preference of your audience. Normally weekday nights, Saturday afternoon/nights or Sunday afternoons work best.


  • We don’t sell tickets, however there is a suggested donation of $30-$50/person which can be paid at the concert or online.


  • While hosts often choose to donate or guarantee suggested donation income from the performance, there is no charge to host us.


  • Extra chairs are provided by the group.


  • Audience typically consists of host’s friends and acquaintances. Subscribers from our list are able to attend any performance, however statistically there’s usually between 4 to 10 people from our list at any given concert.


  • Invitations are sent using Paperless Post. Sheffield Chamber players and event Host will have shared access to Paperless post to track invites etc. Paperless post will track and cap the number of invitees.


  • We take care of designing the event invitation using our publicity materials and relevant info. This invitation is sent to a list people you compile. No one on the list will receive any communications from SCP unless they subscribe.


  • We don’t have any specific requirements for the reception, it’s entirely up to you whether you’d like to serve light snacks or more substantial food, wine or non-alcoholic beverages. Whichever style of reception you choose, please save your receipts for tax purposes as these expenses qualify as a non-cash donation to a non-profit.


  • We are happy to introduce ourselves at the concert, however an introduction from the host (if you are comfortable with it) tends to make a much warmer atmosphere at the event.


  • Hints for getting a good turnout at the concert:


    • Have a large enough list to send to. This is key. Judging by the typical response, there should be twice as many email addresses as the number of people we are aiming for. The attendance cap will ensure we will never be in danger of overcrowding.


    • Send a “save the date” email. As soon as the date is booked, send a short email to your list with heads up about the event. Including a link to the website might help increase interest.


    • Mention in person. There is nothing like a personal touch! When there’s a convenient opportunity, mention the concert to the friends you are inviting.


    • Send the invite in advance. The recommended timeframe is 3-4 weeks so that people can plan ahead of time. However there’s no downside in sending earlier as we can always send reminders.


    • Remind. People might be interested but can easily forget. Sending a reminder to those who didn’t respond is a good idea as long as it’s not more often than once a week. 3 days before the event we should send a reminder to those attending as they might have forgotten since they RSVP’d.