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Guest Book

At every concert we have a guest book where our audience members can leave comments about the event. We then post them on this page. Here is what our concertgoers say:

Truly a Spiritual Experience. Wonderful!!

                                                                                                      - Joe

What an amazing afternoon, privilege and treat. Big  Thanks!

                                                                                                    - Tara

Wonderful to have music in the community!

- Steve and Alex

Love it, such beautiful and powerful music.


Really fantastic; something very special, not to miss.


Thank you. Very beautiful and the perfect way to listen to Schubert.


You can feel the music as well as hear it. Wonderful.

-Geoff and Kathy

What a powerful Shostakovich. It will come home with me.


You guys are fantastic musicians. I am an opera singer and a tenor who appreciates fellow greatness.


Dvorak Reaction-

It was magical - the music told stories as life bitter & sweet, joy & sorrow, happiness & disappointment, success & failure all colorful as life.

It carried me to my own imagination... It was so beautiful, I felt like crying...


Great playing, wonderful explanations, lovely setting, a perfect evening!


Loved the music and the talk - great setting too. Really enjoyable.


Thank you for the magnificent gift of your talents through work and dedication turned into accomplished presenters of powerful and moving music. I was entranced and shall come back for more!

- Shannon 

Just outstanding. Thank you for this opportunity to hear such wonderful music up close.


Your concert was the most moving one I have ever attended in 6 decades. It was enhanced (for me, at least) by your lovely presentation. It was especially meaningful to have the imagery of death coming for the maiden almost as a comforting/embracing force--what a novel idea for me-- and at times also to hear the struggle and resistance against it.

Your playing was --tho it seems faint praise--truly awesome.

- Dr. Marsha Tracy

It was an amazing concert! Thank you Linda for hosting.

- Ping

A spectacular evening. I felt a part of the music. Your explanations added so much. I think the Maiden transcends Death - Thank You.


I understand that Kodaly's music goes back to Hangarian culture, the lecture was wonderful :) Mendelssohn "is it true", it was back again in the last movemennt. It was so amazingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing your music with us.


An intimate and exhilarating evening - a true treat for the soul - thank you!

-Lila and Peter

I'm a listener and I really enjoyed your music.


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